We believe ACE is a better, alternative curriculum given its incredible advantages. Besides the distinctives highlighted above, ACE resonates with most Christians’ vision to have children whose lives are modelled after that of Christ. At Shekinah, we’ve used this a useful tool to disciple the nation. Some of the other advantages include:

1. Cost effective: In preschool, we only admit 4-year olds who spend just a year and a half to master reading. This makes it less costly to parents compared to the ordinary nursery arrangement that takes 3 years with similar results.

2. On demand: ACE curriculum has picked seriously here in Uganda with close to 100 schools. Most believers are now opting for this curriculum given its transformative attributes, and Christ centeredness.

3. Affordable: At Shekinah, we’ve tried to ensure that this beautiful international curriculum is equally affordable. Our fees structure is very friendly, without compromising the quality. Since it is possible for a student to do more than a grade a year, it becomes even more cost-effective for most parents.

4. Government recognition: The ACE curriculum has been assessed by National Council for Curriculum Development (NCDC) and found solid. It compares well with Cambridge and as such, all students certificates at general and advanced levels are equated by Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB).

5. Academic excellence: Our students are comfortably excelling and joining even Ugandan Universities for professional courses. Our first graduates for 2022 all attained Triple “A”s when eventually their Advanced certificates were equated by UNEB. One of them had obtained 8 in 8 at General Certificate (O’ Level).

6. Convenient: Most parents nowadays prefer schools next where they reside, with no traffic jams inconvenience. Moreover, our shuttle services will relieve you of the drop and pick struggles. So if you live in Kampala North, Shekinah is not just offering you an amazing curriculum, we are doing it right next your door.

7. Flexibility: ACE curriculum is adjustable. During the lockdowns for example, none of our students stopped. The individualized approach made it possible for students to work from home, were remotely supervised from school and by parents and they all progressed.